What are we doing? We take care of all the most difficult and responsible.

Your wedding day will be perfect

As your planners we provide you with a  professional helper  who is in charge of all wedding aspects and details.  You don’t have to worry  about any coordination of all specialists necessary during your wedding planning.

 You don’t have to spend your time or energy  while getting everything ready for the wedding and working or relaxing.

By putting aside only 10% of your wedding budget towards a professional wedding planner, you get a high quality decision for all aspects and on timely manner.
We establish the cost of your wedding* while signing the arrangement in order for you  
to be able to take a full control of your spending. 

*The average wedding budget in our company starts at $15k. This amount allows us to hire exclusively high quality experienced specialists. 

During the past seven years our newlyweds have been saying that the most important guarantee to them is the  reputation and the responsibility  of our company.

We are assured that your wedding is not a place for experiments. That's why we will give you  the opportunity to select  experienced providers frequently reviewed by our brides and grooms before.

Also you will be able to see our professionalism live by getting feedback from our couples who had trusted their wedding planning to us. We are ready to provide you with the contact details.

We value your time and we can get your wedding ready in a short time. Your wedding will be  completely organized  from start to finish  in 1 month.  But during the past seven years we have learned that not every couple can handle such fast timing. By postponing your decision about a wedding planner you set yourself up to unnecessary rush while limiting yourself from options and extra time to be able to make smart decisions.

 If you want peace and comfort  then you should consider contacting us  3 to 4 month  prior to your wedding day.

 We will prove your expectations.

It is important to us.


We establish trustful and friendly relationships with every single couple.

You will get quality services, convenient planning process and worry-free celebration.  We will be on your side  at all times in order to get the best outcome for you.

Schedule a meeting with us and you will understand why the newlyweds stick with us right after our first meeting and  become close friends with us  right after the wedding.

 If you don't have time  for meetings or  you don’t reside in Kiev or in Ukraine  that will not affect the quality of your wedding planning.

 You can reach us at any time and any possible way  that works for you in order to meet us, discuss all steps in planning, create initial budget and understand how we can work together.

How can we be useful to the newlyweds? Wedding planning with us is profitable.














With pleasure will help you
to organize your wedding

 Your wishes and fantasies will have no limits with us. 

Our company’s team is a mixture of knowledge and experience of the best wedding specialists. Working with them will allow you to think of and bring your creative  thoughts of any complexity  to life on your wedding day.



We can meet at any convenient place for you in Kiev

You are not in Kiev?
We can meet via Skype
for the first time: chankovskaya

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